Committed to tradition – And that includes the manufacture of edible product labels

Our core idea, "edible labels", is set to become a natural and tasty alternative to the labels that have been used up to now and will create a direct connection with the consumed product, the food.
Because of its versatility, especially its resistance to heat, the thin pastry disc or "wafer", which was originally produced in the bakery, is particularly suited for the labelling of food.

The first business sector that got to know about and appreciated the usefulness and value of our printed wafers, was wholesale bakers.
In order to comply with the statutory regulations that food must be easy to identify, they had to apply various printed labels to all their loaves, as they had similar appearances. Soon after this the organic bakers and then the smaller independent bakers realised that here, they had an ideal solution for an original product personalisation, using their own motifs.

They were soon joined by confectioners and pâtissiers as well as butchers. In recent years, wafers have been used increasingly in the catering trade, particularly on "trend products" such as snacks, desserts and coffee specialities.

Marc Bormann knows what he is talking about when it comes to bakery products. He learnt his trade at his parents' bakers business in his home town of Büllingen in the Belgian Eifel. He specialised more and more in the labelling of food and today, is the name behind the demanding quality of our BORMANN Food Signs products. "Natural Labels" for labelling, identifying and adding the finishing touches, both in conventional and organic quality.